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The hyaluronic pen


✔ NO NEEDLES INVOLVED - The hyaluronic pen uses high-pressure technology to achieve amazing results without the use of any needles!

✔ PAIN-FREE EXPERIENCE - Our 2 IN 1 High-Pressure Hyaluron Pen is a needle-free injection and will not cause peripheral nerve injuries. 

✔ NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED - The best part? You do not need to be a medical professional to perform this procedure!  PPC (PhosphatidylCholine) spotlighted as the latest solution to obesity. Lipo Lab PPC Solution is one of the most effective fat dissolving injections on the market. Manufactured in South Korea, this noninvasive solution directly breaks down fat cells to reduce a double chin, cellulite, and stubborn belly fat. Lipo Lab PPC Solution is suitable for usage on the chin, thighs, back, hips, arms, and abdominal region.

Main Uses

1. Back: Brassiere line

2. Abdominal region, ribs(love handle): abdominal region and weighty ribs on both sides, love handle on the rear side

3. Fat Hip: Line under a hip which is connected to thighs

4. Fat Thighs: External or internal lines

※ Do not use in site with low fat or muscles. 



Lipo Lab PPC Solution is a direct fat dissolver that injects PPC (Phosphatidylcholine), Sodium Deoxycholate, and L-Carnitine into fat deposits to destroy the fat cells. Sodium Deoxycholate destroys the fat cell membranes, after which PPC dissolves the fat cells and L-Carnitine helps excrete them from the body.


Key ingredients

* Phosphatidylcholine: Directly and effectively destroys fat cells.

* Sodium Deoxycholate: Bile acid naturally found in humans that destroys membranes of fat cells. * L-Carnitine: Helps absorb and excrete fat cells from the body.


* Effectively reduces fat without surgery: A non-invasive treatment to destroy fat cells, without the use of surgeries such as liposuction.

* Fast Effects: Effects can be seen after the second treatment.

* Natural-looking, long-lasting results: As the fat cells are destroyed, the injected area will remain slim-looking for an extensive amount of time with proper weight maintenance.

* No downtime or long recovery: Although some post-procedure swelling or bruising is common.

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